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We Don’t Judge: A Houston Dentist’s Tips on Overcoming Dental Self-Consciousness

At Gloss Dentistry on Greenway, we want to make cosmetic dentistry accessible to anyone, but sometimes, what we’re fighting against is your awkwardness. In an effort to help you feel more willing to reach out to our Houston cosmetic dentist, we’ve put together some strategies to combat the voice in your head. 

Remember: Issues with Your Smile Are Why We’re Here

It’s funny how our minds can convince us that the reason we need help is the reason we shouldn’t get it. You may feel so embarrassed about the state of your teeth that you put off getting treatment. Don’t let this argument win out!

The team at Gloss Dentistry has experience with all types of dental problems, both cosmetic and medical. If you’re not happy with your smile, we want you to see us. Our passion is finding ways to solve our patients’ dental problems. Bring us yours.

Know that We Don’t Judge Your Motivation Either

Some patients are hesitant to come in for cosmetic procedures for fear they’ll have to justify why they want them. You don’t need any more reason than that you want to improve how you look—and what you want to look like is up to you. We offer procedures that are entirely based on aesthetics and preferences, like laser gum bleaching and laser gum contouring

To overcome this apprehension, just remember that our priority at Gloss Dentistry at Greenway is making you feel good about yourself, regardless of your reasons. You can tell us your story or keep it to yourself! The bottom line is that we will take care of you either way. 

Vet Your Houston Cosmetic Dentist Beforehand

A great way to ensure that you aren’t overly self-conscious about getting a cosmetic dental procedure is to make sure you’re comfortable with your dentist. Shop around to get a feel for what’s offered and for a dentist’s bedside manner. 

At our office, you’re always free to ask us questions about us and our services. Dr. Tasneem Mahmood is open about her background and passionate about making this experience positive. We also offer services to ease the discomfort of undergoing dental work, like Low-Level Laser Therapy and sedation dentistry. Tell us if you’re scared or shy, and we’ll find a solution. 

Ask Your Questions – We Promise They’re Not Dumb

Your self-consciousness might extend to your ignorance of cosmetic dental procedures, but we don’t expect you to know everything! That’s our job, and we love sharing what we know. Even if it’s something as simple as asking what to wear to your procedure, we have no problem answering it (it’s comfy clothes and no jewelry). 

Let Gloss Dentistry Talk Back to the Voice in Your Head

Give our Houston cosmetic dentist a chance to fight that instinct telling you that you don’t deserve treatment. Everyone deserves a smile they love. Contact our office to set up an appointment to go over our cosmetic dental procedures. Don’t let your fears hold you back!


It's okay to feel a little nervous when scheduling a dental appointment-- just know that we promise to take great care of you.

We're here for you when you're ready!

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