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Night Guards

Preventative Dentistry

Night Guards in Houston, TX

If you struggle with teeth grinding or clenching, there are multiple ways to protect your teeth and get the relief that you need. Aside from Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Dr. Tasneem Mahmood of Gloss Dentistry at Greenway offers night guards in Houston, TX. Night guards are custom-made dental appliances that can provide comfort and protection from damage due to tooth grinding or clenching, known as bruxism. Although there are many different types of guards available on the market today, having one fitted by our experienced Upper Kirby dentist provides exceptional comfort and is ideal for extended use.

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The TMJ & Teeth Grinding

TMJ disorder and bruxism are two conditions that affect the jaw and teeth and can cause discomfort and pain.

  • TMJ disorder (TMD) is a condition that occurs because of problems with the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jawbone to the skull. Symptoms of this disorder include pain in the jaw, clicking or popping sounds when opening and closing the mouth, headaches, and difficulty chewing.
  • Bruxism, on the other hand, is a condition in which a person grinds or clenches their teeth, often during sleep. This condition can wear down the teeth and cause jaw pain, headaches, earaches, and tooth sensitivity. If left untreated, both conditions can lead to serious dental problems and should be addressed by a healthcare professional.

While every case is different, there’s no denying that TMJ disorder and bruxism often go together. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and treatments of these two conditions can help individuals take the necessary steps to manage their symptoms and maintain good oral health. One common first-line of defense used for bruxism-induced TMJ disorder is night guards because they are minimally invasive, affordable, and can protect against the consequences of nocturnal teeth grinding.

How Night Guards Works

Grinding teeth can be a tricky habit to break, mainly when it occurs unconsciously. Fear not, as our Houston dentist is here to help. Our thorough evaluation process allows us to check all aspects of your teeth, tissues, and muscles.

In the case that Dr. Mahmood determines you suffer from bruxism, we have a solution: a custom-fit night guard to protect against any further grinding and clenching. With its precise design, bruxism sufferers can rest easy knowing that their teeth are safeguarded from any unwanted wear and tear. Say goodbye to the days of worrying about teeth grinding and hello to a peaceful night’s sleep.

Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

The ill-effects of TMJ disorder can be unbearable. Fortunately, simply wearing a night guard can protect individuals from:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw Pain
  • Loose Teeth
  • Fractured Teeth
  • Worn Teeth
  • Hearing Loss
  • TMD

Wear a Custom-Fit Night Guard

Making sure you protect your teeth and gums during the night is essential for overall oral health. Custom night guards are an excellent way to do just that! They help protect against issues such as clenching, teeth grinding, and even temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. Through diligent care and awareness, alongside regular dental appointments at Gloss Dentistry, you can ensure your teeth remain sparkling and healthy in the years ahead.

Don’t let fear or inconvenience stand in the way of visiting our Houston dentist! If you need a custom night guard or any other type of family dental care, give our friendly team a call today at (713) 850-9699. Let’s take the first step towards improving your smile together!

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