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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Houston, TX

Wisdom tooth removal is a standard procedure that many people go through during their lifetime. If you’re in your late teens or early adulthood and experiencing discomfort in the back of your mouth, it’s likely due to the wisdom tooth eruption. In such cases, Houston dentist Dr. Tasneem Mahmood of Gloss Dentistry at Greenway might recommend wisdom tooth removal as a preventative or remedial treatment to alleviate discomfort and inhibit oral health issues from developing.

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Rationale Behind Wisdom Tooth Removal

There are several reasons why someone might need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. For instance, wisdom teeth can sometimes grow misaligned or impacted, causing pain and discomfort. Furthermore, others may experience gum disease or cavities due to not being able to clean their wisdom teeth properly. Additionally, some dentists recommend removing them as a precautionary measure to avoid any future issues. While the thought of having teeth removed can seem overwhelming at first, the benefits of wisdom teeth removal can ultimately lead to better oral health and overall well-being.

How Laser Wisdom Tooth Removal Works

Laser wisdom tooth removal is a more effective alternative to the traditional extraction method. This high-tech procedure makes use of an extraordinary method to remove impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth.The process starts with a detailed examination of the teeth using X-rays and other diagnostic tools. Once Dr. Mahood has assessed the situation, she will prepare the patient for oral surgery. During the procedure, our Houston dentist uses laser light to vaporize the tissue that surrounds the tooth, allowing for a more straightforward removal. Also, our dental laser has a cauterizing effect, which prevents bleeding and helps in the healing process. Overall, laser wisdom tooth removal has shown to be a safe and effective way to extract wisdom teeth.

Advantages of Laser Wisdom Tooth Removal

Laser wisdom tooth removal has revolutionized dental procedures by providing a minimally invasive, less painful, and more efficient alternative to traditional wisdom tooth removal.

  • Precision: One of the most significant benefits of laser wisdom tooth removal is the precision with which the procedure can be performed compared to traditional methods.
  • Less Trauma: By using targeted laser beams, dentists can remove the wisdom tooth with greater precision, resulting in less trauma to surrounding tissues.
  • Minimally Invasive: Laser removal is also much less invasive, which means that the patient experiences less pain and swelling, a shorter recovery period, and a lower risk of infection.
  • Controlled Bleeding: The added benefit of minimal bleeding during the procedure makes laser wisdom tooth removal the preferred choice for patients whose medical conditions do not allow for excessive bleeding.

With technological advancements in the field of dentistry, laser wisdom tooth removal is quickly becoming an attractive option for patients seeking a positive dental experience with fewer complications.

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Whether you need an emergency tooth extraction or are interested in wisdom tooth removal as a preventative, Gloss Dentistry at Greenway is eager to facilitate. Call (713) 850-9699 for more information regarding laser wisdom tooth removal in Houston.

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